Bhagavad Gita Explained by Gurumaa

Bhagavad Gita Explained by Gurumaa

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita – This word was a spiritualistic jargon for me till 25-12-07. In my twenty-two years I had learnt the one line meaning of this phrase “ KARAM KARO FAL KI CHINTA MAT KARO”. This meaning was enough to make me feel proud of myself. My grandpa’s told me this and I could had nothing more to tell, until GOD pour her blessings on me and gave me an opportunity to be in her footsteps and inculcate in me the teachings and essence of the greatest philosophical and religious dialogue known to man.
It was the first time I realized that my knowledge was not even benchmarked to a speck of sand in the desert or to a drop of water in the ocean or to even a single cell in human body. I realized I was a recidivist with my own life and was passing it in shear darkness.
It is paranormal and completely illogical for me to tell what THE MASTER said but by Her permission I would like to give you a brief narration of my experience of the shiver held from 25-12-07 to 29-12-07 in Rishikesh.
A bright day and warm welcome (by the Sevadars) awaited all the disciples who came from all over the country. Within no time the pandal was filled, to welcome THE MYSTIC. The holy city was approaching to dawn but our hearts could feel the dusk and eagerly waited for the onset of the sun so as to absorb the perpetual rays of knowledge, joy, bliss, love, guidance and energy.
It was predestined that the discourse would be on the 5TH and 6th chapters of Shrimad Bhagavad Gita.
Gurumaa told us how Karam Sanayas is in relation to Nishkam Karam Yog. How sense gratification is not good for us? She told us that renunciation is complete when it is in the knowledge that everything in existence belongs to God and one could not claim proprietorship over anything. One who is always in Krishna’s consciousness is always a renounce as he neither feels hatred nor desires for results of his own actions. She also told us that self-realization is ultimate goal of life and every entity is not part and parcel of this material world but of Supreme Sprit. The art of living a disciplined and healthy life was also explained. The zephyr of words and bhajans sung by THE MYSTIC brought the disciples in a lachrymal state and it was the first time many of us could see the agony and stresses deep with us. Bhagavad Gita Explained videos only at Gurumaa.com


The Philosophy of Love

The thoughts and words of Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi are creating a stir in the world even after 700 years of his passing away. One way in which he described himself is, “My Mother is Love, My Father is Love, My Prophet is Love, My God is Love, I am a child of Love and I have come only to speak of Love.”

A steady husband and father, Mevlana taught in the medrese (a center of learning similar to a university of the time), gave judgements on religious matters, and had many followers. But when he met the dervish of Tebriz, Shamsuddin Shams, Mevlana’s whole life of book learning, canonical views, and conservative behavior changed radically as the burning of Divine Love swept through him. He was completely absorbed with Shams, stayed in seclusion with him for months, and humbled himself in his attempt to meet his every wish. The moment of their meeting is referred to as “the meeting of two seas”. Each of them had attained an in-depth spiritual awareness, which distinguished them from others . Now these two would complete each other in the boundless Sea of Unity.

The spark of passion for the Divine in Rumi was kindled by Shams.All Rumi’s works are based on love. He says that love is the basis and essence of life. God created the Universe out of love. The origin of creation is love. His thoughts on love have been classified under four headings: comparison between intellect and love/ ascendancy and value of love which is for mortal beings; and lastly, the pitiable situation of those who have not a share in love. As per the Sufi philosophy, metaphysical realities cannot be fully understood by science and intellect. However, one with wings of love can soar to great heights.He considered the distance between man and god as an ocean, with intellect being the swimmer and love the ship to take us across the ocean. Only those who can taste this love can appreciate its worth. According to Rumi,”Love for all living beings is every moment fresher than a bud in the spirit and in the wine that increases life. Choose the love of Him from whose love all the prophets gained power and glory.” Someone asked,”What is love”?, the answer was,”you will know when you become me”.Whilst the pen was making haste in writing , it split upon itself as soon as it came to Love”, says Rumi.

Mevlana, who found out that the essence of creation and man’s exaltation of his worldly body was in love alone, never considered a loveless life as a real life. When years of fasting and abstinence took their toll on Rumi’s body, he fell seriously ill and on his deathbed comforted his family by saying, ” Don’t grieve that I am leaving this world . Whatever may happen to you , I am with you . As our Prophet said , ‘ Both my life and my death are auspicious for you .’ The purpose of my life was to show the true path and my death is to aid you along the way . ”

Husemuddin Chelebi, who regularly attended the sema and music assemblies as well as discourses of Rumi, documented the Mevlana’s words into the six volume poem known as The Mesnavi.

It is left to the followers of Rumi and those who believe in his philosophy to awaken in themselves an awareness of the need for the gentle and tolerant views, thoughts, and way of a Lover of the Divine.


Who is a good disciple? The first trait that comes to my mind which a good disciple should possess is surrender to the Guru. When I offer my very self to the Guru, I will be a good disciple. To me, shedding off my negative qualities will help me in becoming a good disciple. It is said that a good disciple grows strong under a guru’s discipline. So being a good disciple does not mean that the guru is going to be very kind to me. To burn in the fire of spirituality, I have to feel the heat. The disciple must be earnest and sincere. Have you noticed that the words disciple and discipline go well together, so there must be discipline in the disciple’s life – in thought, word and deed. The eight fold path of yoga embodies the discipline which should become a way of life for the disciple.

At times, I feel that I am a good disciple. But when the real test comes and life’s vagaries strike, my stillness breaks and I find myself still getting agitated. Then I ask myself, “Am I a good disciple, am I imbibing the teachings of my Guru?”. If yes, then why do I get agitated?I should remain in the stillness of my heart and not get influenced by what is happening in the world. Then I console myself by saying,”Atleast the awareness has come, so that I may check myself and not be swayed by any turbulence in the still waters of my life”.Yes, I may not have become a good disciple, but I am surely on the way and with my Guru’s support, I shall definitely reach the goal. There will be difficulties on the way, but I must learn from my mistakes and become a better person. The learning from each episode is that I must have trust in my Guru that she is always behind me and will watch over me. All the world’s a stage and some game or drama will always go on. I must watch it like a witness and not get involved in it.

The Guru has touched me with her magic hand. Her pranshakti has flowed into me with her acceptance of me as her disciple. So now a part of the Guru is always with me. Then how can I defile my Guru’s presence in me by continuing with my negativity? How can I deny all that has come into my life due to my Guru? When I get agitated, angry or am full of hatred towards my fellowmen, won’t the Guru’s presence in my heart be pained? It will be demolished by the impure vibrations of my negativity. It is now my duty to see that the bad vibrations of my actions do not agitate the still waters of my sadhana. The purity of my Guru’s initiation has to be maintained at all costs. Only then will I become a good disciple. This will be my real sadhana.

If you want to keep pace with the fast pacing technology, then you got to plunge into the ocean of meditation. Yes! The regular practice of meditation techniques unleashes the reservoir of potential lying dormant within. And it comes as a surprise to oneself.

Now the word meditation has become so prominent these days that all of a sudden every one seems to be searching for that right meditation technique. Certainly there are numerous benefits of meditation like it helps to overcome stress, be at peace with oneself i.e. establishing a harmonious relationship with one self and others around.

As the benefits of meditation are many, so are the meditation techniques, especially guided meditation techniques. The foremost questions that come in the mind of the seeker are: what is meditation? What are the benefits of meditation? Which meditation technique is the best for me? Do I need to do daily meditation? And do I need to have a separate meditation room to practice meditation techniques?

Well, these questions arise in the mind of the beginner, and for a beginner there are again a variety of choices for daily meditation. It is advisable to follow a guided meditation technique with the help of a meditation cd in a meditation room.

The most interesting fact is this process of reaching within starts with a meditation technique and then culminates with no meditation technique. Even walking meditation which in the beginning is a meditation technique becomes natural. You are walking and with the quality of your high awareness it becomes walking meditation.

The meditation techniques are many, but are you ready to explore?

Explore this sacred world of meditation yourself! Start experimenting with your being Now! This is one path where you never loose… Even a “failure” is highly precious and teaches you a lot. So start this inner journey today. Start meditating today.

The enlightened woman mystic, Anandmurti Gurumaa, is using a lot of ancient meditation techniques and moulding them artistically for today’s minds. Gurumaa’s guided meditation techniques are working wonders for people from all the corners of the world. Do visit the gurumaa site and explore it yourself!

Mystica Music has also got a few soothing relaxation meditation music cds which can be used for stress relief and mind relaxation.

Summer camps for adults at Gurumaa Ashram have just concluded. Youth Shivir is on.

This summer three continuous shivirs were organised for seekers to imbibe more and more the teachings of the Bhagwad Geeta. The master gave precious time to her disciples for 15 consecutive days, apart from granting darshans and the opportunity to clarify doubts.

Guruji’s lucid explanation of the Bhagwad Geeta taught us how to lead life, to see God in all beings and treat the ‘Virat Roop’ as just an illusion. The main thing is to do your sadhana, meditate, serve mankind, be obedient to your Guru and realise God. This is what the master has been saying over and over again, but we needed a jolt which made us realise that even the Supreme Godhead said the same things. But will it really register? I have problems with sitting for a long time, Guruji. OK, attend yoga classes in the morning. Chanting is an important part of sadhana. So, we chanted the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra after dinner. For many, it was the first time they had heard of this chant. Yogic breathing and chanting of Om prepared the newcomers for intensive meditation. Seva in the kitchen, in our rooms and in the lawns.Urja meditation helped to reduce thoughts and disturbing symptoms and sensations. Yog Nidra in the afternoons was a great relief, though the sound of snoring was distracting! The tight routine left little time for lazing or chitchatting and encouraged the participants to remain in silence.

Guruji has made the right prescription for us to go ahead in our spiritual journey.

But back home, how many of us will be able to keep up the tempo? Stress-filled jobs, daily chores and family problems — how do I get up early in the morning?I go to bed quite late, I eat dinner late!! In the Ashram, dinner at 7.30pm was strictly followed. The other day Guruji spoke of an Ashram where dinner is served at 5:30pm and that too, only soup and bread! How will the city yuppie survive at these ashrams? Firstly, we have to change our mindset. Are we really equipped for spirituality?Spirituality is not an ‘in’ thing which we have to flaunt in society. ‘I am into spirituality jee, Revered _________ is my Guruji’. Oh, so this guy is on his way to re……ali…….sation, WOW!” If my body is not ready to sit straight on the floor for atleast an hour, hatha yoga is the solution. First master the asanas and make your body fit, then enter the meditation room. Bhakti and seva along with gyan, as Pujya Gurumaa said, are the ingredients which will make your sadhana fruitful. Though, as the Bhagwad Geeta says, “Offer all your acts to me, do not expect any fruit for the action”.

What is the use of doing pranayam?, I ask. Why can’t Guruji just give me shaktipat and I can start meditating like a highly evolved person. No, my dear, Guruji says, this is not a one afternoon wonder. ‘Kabira marag kathin hai.’ “Are my chakras opening, Guruji?”. “You wouldn’t be smiling and asking me then, dear”. Opening of chakras is not a joyous occasion, it is a painful experience. But plod along the way your Guru says and one day, you will definitely come out into the sunshine.

This was surely a refresher course and I came back panting for more. Already, seekers have started asking,”When is the next shivir?”. Give Guruji a breather. Practice all that you have learnt at home and see how you can apply it in your daily life. Blessings of the Sadguru act subtly and the result will be visible only when life’s vagaries strike. How calm and cool you stand in front of difficulties. How you act and not react, improve relationships, that will be the real test!

Don’t worry, if you are sincere, the Guru’s blessings are with you and the road may be long, but at last we shall reach the destination.

Jai Gurudev!


LONG time back about 7 yrs back a day came in my life that is very difficult for me to forget… A day when I came to “GURUMAA ASHRAM”. I used to hear a lot about “ANANDMURTI GURUMAA” from my parents & my uncle…& I thought I would be very lucky if I just see a glimpse of “GURUMAAJI” & that day arrived. From that day onwards my life changed a lot, now it is just the opposite of what it was seven years back. After that I attended shivir, youth shivir ,in which I just love to go…& these shivirs I think I cant afford to miss them…

“GURUMAAJI” taught us meditation & after that my concentration power had increased a lot & the best thing is that through meditation I got to know that my body & my conscious are two different things. In meditation one keeps oneself away from his body. We are looking what is happening all around us & now things don’t matter a lot.to me, like I am taking my life as it comes & my mind is calm & relaxed & worries don’t bother me a lot..

I just keep “GURUMAAJI’S WORDS” in my mind as a student” STUDY WELL & DO YOUR WORK WITH FULL CONCENTRATION “ These words for me as a student help me to live my life happily & the meditation taught by “GURUMAAJI”

TRATAK DHAYAN”-Its concentrating on a flame without blinking your eyes. It helps students a lot to increase their concentration power in studies. as it has helped me a lot.

With GURU in my life its life full of happiness that isn’t temporary but is permanent & A LIFE FULL OF MEANING.


Gurumaa Ashram is located on
GT Karnal Road
(NH-1) in Gannaur,
Dist. Sonepat, Haryana.
It is 65kms from New Delhi. If you are arriving by air at New Delhi airport, you have two options. Either take an autorickshaw to the ISBT(Inter-state Bus Stand), earlier known as Kashmiri Gate. From there, you will find Haryana Roadways as well as private buses leaving for different places in Haryana. Check with them if the bus will stop at Gannaur. If they say yes, board the bus either after booking your ticket at the counter or you can even buy your ticket enroute. Presently, the charge is around Rs.65/- per head. Be sure to tell the conductor and other co-passengers to intimate you where to get off. If you have less luggage, you can get off opposite the arch proclaiming ‘Gurumaa Ashram’ just before Gannaur Bus Stop, cross over and enter the arch. Gurumaa Ashram is around half a km from this spot. Otherwise, you could get off the bus at Gannaur Bus Stop and take an auto or a rickshaw to Gurumaa Ashram. The duration of the bus journey would be slightly over an hour, if you are not stuck in a traffic jam.

The second option is to take a taxi from the airport and tell him you want to go to Gannaur which is slightly ahead of Sonepat Town on National Highway-1.

Sonepat Town is slightly off NH-1 on the left. However, to reach Gannaur, you need not enter Sonepat Town. Just ignore the diversion on the left which has a signboard saying ‘Sonepat’. Go straight along the highway. After a little while, you can make out an arch on the right, saying ‘Gurumaa Ashram’. Turn right at the intersection at the Gannaur Bus Stop, U-turn and enter the arch. Gurumaa Ashram is around half a kilometer from this spot.You will see picturesque resorts and factory outlets for garments as well as green fields and other ashrams on NH-1. All major trains going towards and coming from Jammu and Punjab stop at Panipat and Sonepat stations.Gannaur comes between Sonepat and Panipat.Some trains also stop at Gannaur station. In that case, just take an auto or rickshaw from Gannaur Station and come to Gurumaa Ashram. Come and experience the positive energy of the Master which permeates every nook and corner of Gurumaa Ashram!

It is advisable to book accommodation in advance.Either call at the Ashram numbers or send an email to info@gurumaa.com.

Day Passes are also available at the office for spending the day at the ashram.you can meditate at madhushala, enjoy prasad at annapurna, have darshan at gurumandir and marvel at the beautifully kept lawns or sit beside the lake.